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We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty. 24. Avid Olicity shipper.


Professional or not, no matter what art style, I wanna see how many artists are out there.


I saw the opportunity to make a network, a took it. So here it is! The Olicity Network!

What you have to do 

What we’re looking for 

  • Arrow/Olicity blogs (multi-fandom blogs are okay, but Arrow must be main content)
  • A kind blogger (someone who can have conversations with other people and not get angry if an opinion isn’t shared)
  • A clean, easily navigable theme.
  • MUST tag.
  • Content creators (Not required but appreciated ^.^

If you get accepted ♡

  • Submit an icon and short description to me!
  • Check your email for the network request.
  • Put a link to the network page on your blog
  • Track the tag #theolicitynetwork
  • Check out the rest of the members (Follows not required, but they’re nice :))
  • You can tag absolutely anything in the tag, but keep conversations to the group!
  • Follow from me.

Why should you join? ♡

  • I aim for this to be a fun and safe environment to discuss our ship without the presence of haters.
  • Cool people who love Olicity just as much as you!
  • Help with graphics/videos/gifs/fanfic/etc
  • Followers!
  • New cool people to follow!
  • Increased traffic on your own blog.

Extra Info ^.^ ♡

  • Any questions, come to me :)
  • I will begin with adding 10 people on the 20th
  • This is only wave one of the network. There will be plenty of times to try again if you don’t make it this time.
  • This post must reach at least 20 reblogs for the network to go forward.

THIS IS THE SECOND POST REGARDING THIS NETWORK. We need more people or this can’t go ahead. And the first post really doesn’t get anywhere with just reblogging it to my personal often - so here’s another post on it :) 

manny-arr said: you mentioned you wanted an Olicity fic for your birthday. I'm currently taking prompts, so just let me know!

Heya! I’m not sure if you’re taking prompts still but I’ll swing by and leave one anyway :)

releaseurinhibitions said: Hi! First of all, happy birthday! I hope it's not too late. So, I saw your post about wanting a fluflly olicity drabble as a gift, and got working on it :) I just posted it on the olicity fic tag and also tagged you on it. Hope you like it!!! xo, Lucy

Thank you Lucy! It was so sweet and fluffy. Exactly what I needed!! :) xx


I’m really happy and in a writing mood, and just happened to find it’s my-loveisthelaw's birthday and she wanted a fluffly olicity drabble. So, here it goes :) Hope you like it and that you have a wonderful day!

It starts the first day he wakes up in her bed.

It’s as if he can’t help…


Independence Day, when we celebrate that fateful day way back in 1996 when Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum saved us from the alien invasion

olicity appreciation week | day five - favorite little thing: face touching


Once an Olicity shipper, always an Olicity shipper.


Once an Olicity shipper, always an Olicity shipper.